She answers that she did but one she thinks it’s a beneficial error

After that day, TK goes toward the new homeless security in which Eye performs and asks their particular if the he is able to keep in touch with her, thinking in the event that she reads the fresh new splitting up files yet ,. TK informs their particular which isn’t really a mistake, that he and you will Carlos are not a blunder. Eye reactions you to definitely she knows if in case TK requires their unique as to the reasons she nevertheless would not sign all of them, she says to him one she won’t indication all of them as TK shouldn’t become Carlos’ 2nd relationships, he might be his first and you may last and that’s why they’ll rating an enthusiastic annulment unlike a separation and divorce. TK grins at this then hugs her. Next, in advance of she simply leaves, the guy requires their particular what she meant by « he had been what she expected » and you will she tells your that he’s a trending disorder, one to Carlos constantly means a task, the greater number of heartbreaking – the better. TK requires their if that is what she believes he or she is so you’re able to Carlos and you may she reactions which he isn’t really, he could well be Carlos’ life opportunity instead.

When she continues by stating she would not indication all of them, TK answers he understands Carlos enjoys and you will cares for their unique even so they do not stay hitched given that Carlos is actually gay and you will they are TK’s

Later in the day, immediately after Carlos gets a visit out of a detective, it appears that she’s got vanishes, making her vehicles with the divorce case paperwork signed involved within a homeless individuals camp. A day later, Iris calls 9-1-step 1 and you may she says to Grace you to definitely she’s started abducted. Together with her indications, she were able to give clues from the their unique spot to Elegance and you can Carlos who pertains to save yourself their particular plus the SWAT and you can Austin PD. Within health, Carlos in addition to detective query Iris questions. She tells them throughout the one with a wasted hand which came up to help you their particular in the go camping and you can endangered their unique which have a blade to find her into automobile. Out-of their unique room, Carlos tells brand new investigator he knows she doesn’t believe Iris and you will the latest detective tells him you to definitely she thinks evidence she’s which happen to be which they did not find somebody taken from brand new home one to date because of the drone they’d which there isn’t any other exits. Carlos extends back towards the healthcare room and you will asks their unique in the event the discover a chance their unique thoughts are to tackle procedures on her but Eye tells him that she will however select and smelling brand new people on her and that she has come providing their particular medications. She adds you to definitely both she does not determine if what she notices ‘s the facts or otherwise not and it’s tiring and you can Carlos hugs their unique, kissing their own direct. Seeing as she can be truthful, Carlos does a from the book studies and you can finds an underground canal to another family, revealing as to the reasons nobody saw the newest kidnapper go out.

During the Abandoned, Carlos works out being abducted by the man, good murderous pharmacist just who along with his mother directed emotionally sick women like bravodate tarihi Eye and Donna Burton, brand new girl she try wanting. The man also got a burned give eg Iris discussed. Yet not, TK and you will Carlos’ dad saved your just as he was supposed to-be slain. Immediately after Carlos are recovered of his abduction by TK and you may Gabriel, she and you can Andrea is actually preparing their medical room.

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For the « The fresh Hot Clutter », she is within its place to satisfy TK, she concerns your much, hurtful your a little even after him perhaps not indicating something aside from tight smiles and quick answers. Whenever she requires as to the reasons they would like to get married, Carlos reactions which they would because they love each other and you can wany to expend the rest of their lives to one another, that it’s no more challenging than simply that. Eye says simply because Carlos is already hitched, Carlos agrees and you may reminds her that it is exactly what she actually is right here having. To help you signal this new separation files. Immediately following Iris asks TK brand new divorce case records, the guy brings their own but she doesn’t signal them instantaneously given that she needs to understand them more and put all of them in her bag including pastries and you can she makes the fresh new attic just after telling TK he’s « just what she requested ».